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New design

August 28, 2007

Even the exceedingly dull reader will note that I have made some changes to the site. The most obvious of course is that I've goofed around a bit with the site's general look, for no reason other than that I had a lot of important things to get done, and so I needed a way to delay doing them. Dinking around with Unschooled's CSS proved to be a nice distraction, and as a bonus I can even feel mildly accomplished because I have something to show for my effort. A special thanks to Six for helping sculpt the new look, and for debugging a few nasty CSS issues.

The slightly more subtle change is that I've integrated Twitter using Twitter Tools by Alex King. This means that whenever I post to Twitter, a post on Unschooled will automatically be generated. Similarly, if I post a new entry on Unschooled, a link to it will be posted to Twitter. (Thus if you want to always be the first to know when I post a new entry on Unschooled, you can start following me on Twitter.)

These changes were made largely as an experiment. I have developed a hypothesis that goes something like this: Posting a blog entry -- no matter how short -- is psychologically heavy, while posting a tweet is very lightweight. Think e-mail (heavy -- oh lord do I hate e-mail at the moment) vs. a Facebook wallpost (light -- who doesn't have time to post on his friend's wall?).

The result should be a significant increase in the number of (very) short posts, and business-as-usual in terms of the frequency of longer posts.

Let's see what happens.